Monday, March 28, 2011


Wyatt is trying really hard to learn how to blow raspberries and it is cracking me up!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I feel like the phrase "fallen off the face of the earth" has come up more times than I can count...the funny thing is, I am the one saying it... Before nursing school I thought you could only accuse somebody else of falling off the face of the earth, and now I know it is perfectly normal to say to yourself "Self, you have fallen off the face of the earth!" Trust me, sometimes talking to yourself is the only thing that will keep you sane. So, in light of me having fallen off the face of the earth I figured I would fill you in on what my life has consisted of as I have been wherever it is that you go when you fall off the face of the earth (say that 10 times fast...)

The first thing that has been consuming my time: school.

these are two of my NSBFF's (Nursing School BFF's) other NSBFF is Dorothy, whom I spend the vast majority of my time with (ask andy...she is at our house more than he is these days!) We study for every test together (read: spend every waking moment together), but for some reason I don't have a picture of her...yet :)

This is a picture of what my brain looks like while I am studying... Doro and I love to make outlines...well actually Doro likes to laugh at me while I make outlines...her specialty is finding practice quizzes online (read: more practical) while my specialty is making outlines (read: explosive diarrhea of the brain- not very practical). 

Time consumer #2: My babies (yes... you read that right...its plural...keep reading.)

Baby #1- no explination heart and soul...which leads to baby(s) number 2....

my Zinnia's! I planted these seeds a little over a week ago and they have already sprouted into the cutest little miniature plants you have ever seen. Now the problem is trying to find somewhere to move so I can transplant them before they die from not having enough room to grow. I am seriously in love with these little guys and can not wait to watch them grow! I am probably being too optimistic, seeing as how I have NEVER grown anything before, but hopefully these little guys will not let me down. They will also have some more siblings in the next few weeks because we are going to go to Bayless and get some veggies to plant (but I'm not doing those from seed because they would take too long and too much TLC- of which I do not have time for). I must get back to studying...In the mean time, looking forward to May!!!
 Over and Out.