Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lately... (Part 1)

Man, time really flies when you are not in school! I can not believe it is already practically June. We have been SUPER busy lately with birthdays, cleaning, searching for a house, trying to pack, cleaning, chasing around a busy 11 month old, and cleaning (why does it seem that cleaning is a neverending task? I swear the more I clean the messier my house seems to be...this is one of those things that I really think will never make sense to me). For the next few days I will try to catch you up on what we have been up to since my last post...

1.) Gardening

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

better late than never :)

I have been meaning to post this for a few weeks, but with school being so crazy, and with the long time it took to upload the video to youtube (mostly because I kept forgetting it was uploading in another tab and kept closing out of the internet every time I tried to upload it) I am just now getting around to it...but here it is finally.....

Wyatt is officially CRAWLING :)

He had been going backwards for weeks, but could never really get the hang of going forward, until a few weeks ago he finally just took off! He even waited for me to get home from school so I could video it, that sweet little angel :)

I bet you can't guess my favorite part of the video...

Monday, May 2, 2011


I love holidays...I mean REALLY love holidays. Growing up my dad always decorated the house to the nines for every single holiday- from the beginning of October till the end of Easter our house was a steady stream of ever changing holiday paraphernalia-  clingy glass things, battery operated light up figurines, thousands...ok, millions of strings of lights, and giant blow up animals in the front yard. It was nothing short of glorious. One day when my life has some sense of normalcy again I hope to be able to do the same, but for now we pretty much just go all out for Christmas starting in mid-November and leaving it up until mid-February...hey, at least I'm festive, right?? Anyways, all of that to say that I was really very excited about Easter this year and had tons of plans to make Wyatt's first one very special (to us...obviously he has no clue yet)...but as usual with my life right now, all of my intentions fell through so I still have unboiled eggs in my fridge, a box of egg dye in my pantry, no picture of Wyatt with the easter bunny, and no family picture of the three of us at all... at least I did snap a few photo's with my phone throughout the day :) 

Church on Easter Sunday was on the lawn in front of the Civil Rights Museum. We sat on blankets for the service and afterwards we had an awesome picnic! It was so much fun and the babies loved being outside. 

Nathan, Isaac, and Wyatt enjoying the sun after we slathered them up really good with SPF 60. Nathan has just learned to floss, Isaac is trying to figure out how to get the top off of the water because he is parched, and Wyatt is thinking "why is there no food in my slop trough?"...side note, check out the difference between Wyatt and Isaac's legs...I'm pretty sure wyatt's foot is wider than Isaac's thigh...holy moly. My child is large. 

 Isaac definitely won the "most fashionable baby award". He was decked out in this adorable vintage yellow onesie courtesy of his daddy who wore the very same outfit over 20 years ago! And check out those awesome shades...precious! 

Sweet Nathan playing with an easter egg and Wyatt still disappointed there was no food in the bucket. Sadly we didn't get any pictures with Braden :( He sat with his family up front for most of the time, so the short time that I had my phone out I didn't have a chance to get a picture.  Don't worry B, it's not because you are not important! We didn't get a family photo either, so obviously our heads were not in the right place that day.

Umm...mom? Its REALLY hot out here? Can we PLEASE get to some A/C? 

After church we went to my sister's for a little while. Emma and Bennett were dying eggs...well, actually...Nanach was dying eggs, Emma was entertaining us all as usual, and Bennett was multitasking (AKA coloring on eggs while watching a lacrosse game on TV).

Emma in her "after church outfit"...a swimsuit with a tutu and pink napoleon dynamite snow boots. There are no words to describe how hilarious this child is! Well...maybe in standard SAT format. Wyatt : Chubby as Emma : Funny

Wyatt trying to figure out what exactly the plastic eggs were for. 

Wasn't it so sweet of the good Lord to bless me with this child that resembles a bulldog puppy because of my love for Mississippi State? I think so :)

Emma in her second "after church outfit" of the day. This time just the swimsuit...no snow boots. And you gotta love the side ponytail. 

Wyatt still trying to figure out what the plastic eggs were for...obviously not for eating. 

Notice the curled toes. My sister likes to call those his "stress toes" as he tends to do that when he gets tense. Im not so sure he liked sitting in the crunchy grass, although he hid his apprehension well as he kept his typical "andy" demeanor for the majority of the day, even despite the 9 dirty diapers as a result of a vicious top tooth trying to come in. 

No, we did not use dapper dan in his hair that morning...the slicked back look is a result of the massive amounts of sunscreen we slathered all over the poor child. His pores will be clogged for months.

This is my new favorite face that he makes. He does it when he thinks he is being funny. He has also started laughing at himself when he does something that he things is funny and fake laughing when he wants your attention. Cousin Tuesday's with Emma are really starting to pay off... Hopefully he will be as entertaining as she is one day!