About Me

       I generally hate having to summarize myself...on my facebook page I just put "ESFP"- my Myers Briggs personality type (according to the test, not according to one of my besties, Whitney, who loves to disagree with those results and strongly believes I am an ISFP).

 This is Whitney (in the middle) who thinks I am an "I"...

        All that to say, normally I would totally skip over this section, but then again, normally I would not have a blog. If you knew anything about me, you would certainly know that I am very unorganized and scatterbrained. I hate routine and do not like to do anything the same way twice. This is why I have never been the type of person to keep a journal. I can not tell you how many diaries I have had over the years, and every single one of them has no more than 3 entries (most have only one, and a few have no entries at all...a very good example of my "good intentions"). This is not just the way I am with documenting my life...I have a pathological problem with starting things and never finishing them. I LOVE starting a new project...finishing them is another story. It's not that I hate finishing things, it's just that I really don't have ANY clue how to stay on task...with anything. I am the furthest thing from a "goal-oriented" person you will ever meet.
         So why on earth am I starting a blog? Well...because I love starting things of course! Just kidding. I have been a blog lover for years. I have many that I follow pretty closely. This is not a new discovery- I have loved reading blogs ever since three years ago when I randomly came across the blog of a stranger who wrote a post on one of the blogs she followed- The Pioneer Woman. I clicked on the link and was hooked! Not just on Pioneer Woman, but on stalking blogs to find other blogs and looking at which blogs they follow and so on (kind of like the 6 degrees of seperation, except backwards, and for blogs...ok so not like that at all...sorry). I found a ton of blogs that I loved- on fashion, food, entertainment, home projects, personal blogs-many of people I didn't even know...I just loved reading and following their stories! Creepy, I know.
         Well I never had a desire to have my own blog until recently when I realized that I really do need to start making it a priority (a new word in my vocabulary) to document my life. There are so many BIG things going on and I don't want to get too far down the road and look back wondering where it all went, or even worse, forget what all happened. I think back about my time at Mississippi State (what I jokingly like to refer to as "the Golden Years") and I have so many beautiful memories, but only a very few of them are documented, none of which with words- just photos and a few videos.

These is one of the pictures of my college family from the "Golden Years":)

     Whenever I am reminiscing with my college friends, I realize how many memories I have forgotten and it makes me so sad. And in the past year I have had a baby, had surgery, got into nursing school, made new friends, started nursing school, gotten a new sister-in-law, and the list goes on. I can't tell you how many times recently I have thought- I have GOT to write that down...and I don't. So finally I have decided to take the plunge and make my footprint on the world of blogging. Some days I may just post a photo, and some days I may write a novel (kind of like this!), but hopefully years from now I will have something I can look back on and reminisce. It will probably be a hodgepodge of randomness, misspelled words, crazy photos and typos... I'm sure I will rarely finish a thought (you see how this about me section has gone...) and will probably have days where I post 6 times and weeks where I post nothing...but it will be something for me to look back on and I will be able to laugh and smile...even if it is just this "about me" page and I never make any actual entries...haha!! No, I will at least make one real blog post before I give up ;) Wow. I can't believe you actually read ALL of that! If I were you, I would have just looked at the pictures and then gone somewhere else... so thanks! :)