Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here I am...

So after months of deliberation I have finally taken the plunge into the world of blogging. Why months of deliberation you ask? Not because I was scared of who would read it...I didn't have to tell anyone that I even had a blog. Not because I wouldn't have anything to write...I have far TOO much going on that I could blog about. Not because I have too much going on and was afraid it would be a distraction- although that probably should have been the reason. No, the reason it took me so long...because I could not think of a name. That is right. If you know me, then you know how hard it is for me to make a decision. Close friends make fun of me constantly because if there is a decision to me made I will do absolutely ANYTHING to avoid being the one to make the decision. They love telling the story of me being in charge of bringing a bag of Doritos to girls night and showing up with four different flavors. Have you ever looked at all of the different varieties of Doritos? Who could decide on one flavor??? Not me. It takes me forever to even decide on which dental floss to buy. Mint, Cinnamon, waxed, unwaxed,woven floss, whitening floss, thin floss, thick floss, floss picks...TOO MANY CHOICES! And these types of situations at least have some parameters. Coming up with my own blog myself?? UGH!!!! So weeks went by and time and time again I thought, I should blog about that...but I cant...because I don't have a blog...because I cant think of a name for one. Finally yesterday after another "I should blog about that" moment I sat down and was determined to come up with a name. So what did I do? I opened up my trusty Itunes account, set it to "random" and pushed play. I decided the first song that played would be the name of my blog. So there it was- Awake My Soul. My new blog name. Not too bad I guess...and at least I didn't have to choose :)
     So today I sit down to make my blog look cute (yes...I should have been studying for the HUGE test I have next week in Patho, but I needed a break ok? Who am I can't take a break if you haven't started). But I needed to finally get my blog set up, so that when I had another "I should blog about that moment" I could actually do it. Well, after an embarrassingly long time of trying to figure out this whole blogging design thing, I had it set up decently enough that I could be temporarily happy with I finally clicked save and realized...the title did not even show up. And then I messed around a little more and realized the title can be changed. Wow. I would have started months ago if I had known either one of those things....oh well! At least now if I ever can figure out how to get the blog title on there I will have a blog name all picked out for me...and if I decide to change it, I know how! So I am! FINALLY.


  1. Yay for taking the blogging plunge! I love the design, you definitely will have to help me make mine cute with all your tech-y skills :)

  2. update...I figured out how to add the title to the title bar!

    sidenote...I can already tell this whole blogging thing is going to be very bad for my study far as distractions go...blogging>facebook.

  3. Yay! And I LOVE the Mumford tribute title!!! It's playing in my head as I read your blog...."how fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes"...LOVE!