Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beginning to see the light...

...at the end of the tunnel that is! Don't get me wrong...the rest of the tunnel is a VERY long and VERY bumpy stretch...BUUUUTTTTT (and that is a HUGE butt) I can BARELY see the light! YAY!

AKA: 23 school days left this semester...the joy I feel is indescribable.

I mean REALLY indescribable...just to give you a little glimpse of what the rest of this tunnel entails, let me just say the week ahead looks something like this: studying for 3 tests, taking care of a patient in contact isolation with MRSA and a pressure ulcer, taking aforementioned 3 tests, worrying that my 9 month old angel is going to get MRSA, writing a paper, stressing out about the tests and then stressing out about the fact that in stead of stressing I should be studying, trying not to worry about my family getting MRSA since I really don't have time to worry and should be....yes, studying and writing a paper, and then occasionally trying to get a tiny bit of sleep, which will probably total somewhere around 12-18 hours total from now to saturday. oh...and changing diapers, doing laundry, washing dishes, showering...ok, who am I kidding- I definitley will not have time to shower until Saturday...if you see me, you will not want to hug me- for YOUR sake, not mine.

Are you beginning to understand why I can not WAIT till summer?? I will say this semester has absolutley flown by, and that even though it has been stressful (to say the VERY least) I really have LOVED school. I love my new friends, my teachers (well...almost all of them), my patients... It really has been fun! Wyatt even keeps me company while studying which makes it even more enjoyable :)

This is us in the "study hut" that my mom help me build so that we could enjoy the sun without either of us incurring 3rd degree burns...we make casper the friendly ghost look like a Baywatch star.

Well, now that it is 2:17 AM and I "only" have a little more than 3 hours  to finish my homework before I have to leave for the hospital (and try really hard not to catch or spread MRSA) I better get back to it.

Did I mention only 23 more days??? WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!