Friday, February 11, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

Memphis has gotten quite a bit of snow in the past few weeks, which is very unusual for the Bluff City. Usually it either snows in Arkansas and then moves north before it gets here, or rains through Memphis and starts snowing once it gets just east of us. Everyone was so excited a few weeks ago when the first round of snow came through. We ended up going to Hernando to my dads with several friends and all of our babies to make our best attempt at sledding. The babies seemed to enjoy it almost as much as we did!

Wyatt and me having a grand ole time!

Wyatt in the "sled"...yes its a cooler. A sled is not a common household item around here...Southerners must get creative when we are lucky enough to get 3" of snow.

Here are the little rascals. I have a sneaky suspicion that one day they will cause all kinds of drama with pudding filled water baloons...but for now they are angels :)

Anyways, Snow Day #1 was incredibly fun. Snow Days 2, 3, and 4 were just kind of teases, since we only got enough flurries to get us exited for no reason. But then we heard forecasts of Snow Day #5. Supposedly we were going to get 12" this time, at least that's what I heard...but then again I don't watch the news because it is far too depressing (and inaccurate according to my Mass Media professor in college), so I usually get my weather info from pretty unreliable sources. Well Snowmageddon came and went...we got somewhere around 2-4" which was enough accumulation to provide as much fun as the first Snow Day...except this time around poor baby Wyatt was sick :( So this time, in stead of hopping in a cooler and enjoying the snow, this is what we did...

Sat at the front door and looked at the snow.

"Hey mom! Remember that one time it turned all white like this, and you dressed me up like a bear, and put me in that box, and stuck me in the white stuff and I sat there? Can we do that again??"

"No angel, because you are sick. You need to stay inside and rest. I am very sorry."

"Aw gee mom!"
And that was when our front door sitting ended because I couldn't help but put the camera down and pick up that little bundle of cooties and rock him for the rest of the day. Sick babies make my heart melt. The End.

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