Sunday, April 10, 2011

home again, home again, jiggity jig...

The closer it gets to June, the sadder I am getting that we have to move. I really love our little house. We have put lots of time and money into getting it just how we like it, and it really has become our "home". I have moved several times in my life, and each time it never really bothered me, but this time seems different. I think maybe it is because this is the first time in my life I have really had just ONE place to call home, since as long as I can remember I have been a multi-home resident (2 homes until my senior year of high school, 3 homes until I graduated college, and then bouncing all over the place once I graduated until I got married). The thing is, when we moved in to this house, I really didn't like anything about it, other than the black and white tile on the kitchen floor.

But now I really do love this whole house. When we moved in we didn't really have anything other than my bed and a few random pieces of furniture, kindly donated by family members (and somehow we ended up with like 6 couches...that was the running joke for a while). But as time has gone on, we have gotten our own furniture and our own decorations, and every piece we have purchased has been selected specifically for this very house. There is a side of me that just wishes we could stay here in our little home that has become so special to me...but then there is a part of me that is excited about moving, the side of me that loves change and enjoys new things. When I get sad about moving, I try to think about all the possibilities of the new place (wherever it may be...). After all, this house doesn't even have a front porch, and if you know anything about me and my family, you know a front porch to us is like water to a camel. So here's to hoping the new place pops up soon, and that it has as much potential "homieness" as our first home... Who knows....maybe it will end up being like my TV dream home.

After all... there have been several pieces of "homieness" that I have always wanted, but didn't have room for in our current abode. Maybe after our move, we can have a huge garage sale (right Sherri?) and I can use the money from our old junk for the "turn the new house into a home" fund :) Ok... let's be real... the junk I have would not amount to much, but just in case Ed McMahon decides to knock on my door, here are the first few things I would buy for "Project Homify"

 Seriously, sweedish clocks are probably my #1 materialistic desire. I have wanted one forever, and will probably never have one since they are redicoulously expensive...but a girl can dream, right?

 It would probably be silly to buy this, since it looks very similar to something we already have, but I couldn't help but download the picture when I saw it months ago, so I just had to put it on here. I think it is beautiful.

 ok, probably not the most comfortable choice, but definitely the prettiest outdoor patio set I have seen in a while. I love how simple it is. You can just imagine the conversations that have been had around it.

Again, not very practical, but beautiful. It makes me smile just looking at it. 

 Couldn't decide between these two... I really love them both.

ahhh.... and it even matches my rug. I mean, seriously. Why can't I be talented with a sewing machine like Jessie Routh, she would totally be able to make this. I need some sewing lessons in a bad way.

ok, so obviously my list is not very practical...but again, it makes me smile, which is really worth more than a comfy place to sit anyways, right?

What is not to love about this...the headboard, gorgious. the comforter, beautiful. the blanket, amazing. the lamp + lampshade...I am running out of adjectives. Ironically, my favorite pillow that I bought with my christmas money is in this photo and I didn't even notice it until now :) 

Well... I guess until we actually find a place to live I should probably not get too sad about moving...after all, it may end up being a dream come true! 


  1. Yup, I better finish all my home projects so I can help you on all yours whenever you move :). I think I am equally as bummed about ya'll moving. You know how sentimental I am! I love the lampshade with the ruffles. I may make it my goal to make something with ruffles...a pillow, curtains,something though! Glad I was there to help you rationalize the pillow purchase. Good buy!

  2. I LOVE that your dream house is the parenthood house. I agree, it is SO "homey"! And I think you could totally make that lampshade or have Jess help you make it. I have to admit that I'm a little sad too that y'all have to move! I LOVE your house!

  3. I love you and your taste and I hope you have that parenthood home as well, so we can have a big ol' family dinner outside. How fun would that be? I am so Julia and you are so Sarah, Ross is a good combo between Crosby and Adam (the perfect person.) And after dinner we would sit on the front porch and swing....

  4. You're sweet, Lauren! But I'm with totally could make it! It literally took me one little "lesson" to have enough confidence to play around! And ruffles are so stinkin' easy! You can do it!